Euro Payment Group GmbH


2014: Gauselmann Group takes a stake in Euro Payment Group GmbH

2018: Acquisition by the Gauselmann Group

Euro Payment Group GmbH is the payment service provider of the Gauselmann Group. As an interface between payment providers and online retailers, the Frankfurt-based subsidiary offers globally secure, accredited, and customisable online payment options in the field of e-commerce. In this context, EPG uses a certified payment gateway that was developed in-house.

On behalf of its customers, the company coordinates and authenticates all processes related to the interfacing of payment methods and the processing of payment transactions.

3 facts about Euro Payment Group GmbH

  • Licensed: EPG has a subsidiary in Malta that is licensed as a European financial and e-money institution and can thus provide its services and products in many European countries.

  • Innovative solutions: Based on this license, EPG developed its own “Paylado” e-wallet. This has been used in the sports betting segment of the Gauselmann Group since 2020.

  • Diversity: EPG supports many different payment methods ranging from Visa through to PayPal and Bitcoin.