Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability and environmental protection

Grabhügel Schloss Benkhausen

An integral part of everyday operations

As a family-run company, the Gauselmann Group sees itself as having a responsibility towards society and the environment. Under the motto "Identify savings potential, spare resources, protect the environment", new projects for the sustainable development of our company are constantly being implemented.

For more than 20 years, the Gauselmann Group has been focusing on sustainable power generation. In 1999, the first renewable plant was put into operation at the production and development site in Lübbecke. The wind turbine with an output of 750 kW makes an important contribution to the power supply of our factory and we will continue to invest in this technology in the future. In addition, our company relies on the operation of its own combined heat and power plants. In Lübbecke as well as at our Benkhausen Castle in Espelkamp, a total of three of these innovative plants with a total electrical output of 181 kW have been installed.

But solar energy is also used to generate electricity: The Gauselmann Group has 18 photovoltaic systems with an output of approximately 1,250 kW on the roofs of its own properties throughout Germany. In Lübbecke alone, around 500 kW of the system output is located on a roof area of approx. 3,500 m². The total of all renewable and highly efficient systems generates over 2.3 million kWh of electricity annually.

In addition, the charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. The Gauselmann Group currently operates three charging stations, which were used for a total of over 600 charging processes in 2021. Further charging facilities are already being planned or implemented.

Certified environmental protection

The topics of environmental protection and sustainability have become an integral part of everyday business life. Since 2016, the Gauselmann Group has been certified throughout the EU and the UK in accordance with the international energy management standard ISO 50001. In addition, adp MERKUR GmbH has had a certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 since 2013. These management systems help to realise the high goals of the EU.

Our commitment

Numerous projects and measures are implemented for the sustainable development of the Gauselmann Group. In the production of our playground equipment, we pay attention to a high degree of resource efficiency. By using environmentally friendly LED technology in the play equipment or recycling old rental and leasing equipment, our company reduces both the electricity consumption of the equipment and the consumption of raw materials in the production of new equipment. Around 50 % of the newly produced equipment already contains components from old equipment that have been thoroughly cleaned with dry ice beforehand. Through this process, the highest quality and environmentally friendly use of resources go hand in hand.

Our resource-saving building management also makes a major contribution to saving energy. Energy losses can be significantly reduced through the continuous refurbishment of administrative buildings and venues. Day-to-day tasks include projects for the comprehensive conversion to LED lighting as well as the additional insulation of building facades or roof renovations. But also the use of special automated door locking systems in the venues or the replacement of older windows with particularly efficient triple glazing prevent heat from being lost unused. In addition, a new administration building in Espelkamp will be inaugurated this year, which will reduce the environmental impact to a minimum with its efficient heat recovery and automation technology as well as a sustainable heat supply.

Trees for life

As a socially oriented company, the Gauselmann Group has been greatly committed to environmental protection and sustainability for many years. In addition, on the occasion of his 85th birthday, Paul Gauselmann donated 85,000 trees for the afforestation of local deciduous forests in order to counteract climate change.

Press Release "Paul Gauselmann donates 85,000 trees to combat climate change"